Professional FDM 3D Printer for Large Scale Prints

Supporting multiple filaments, dual nozzles and up to 17 x 17.5 x 23″ build volume, iBridger produces industrial-grade prints bigger and better.

iBridger’s constant temperature chamber enables you to produce large parts and higher throughput, you can manage prototype, production easily in your space.

17 in

17.5 in

23 in


445 mm

585 mm

Large Build Volume




iBridger i330

iBridger i340

- Chamber maintains at 80°C 

- Chamber maintains at 90°C 

- Print nozzles reach up to 400°C 

- Print nozzles reach up to 410°C 

Supporting multiple filaments, such as PEEK, PETG, PA6+CF, PA6+GF, ABS, PC, PA6/66 and more, iBridger can handle any print job with professional results.

Variety of 3D Printable Materials

Professional Printing Performance

iBridger delivers professional quality print standards with consistent reliability, high resolution and accuracy. .

Layer Resolution

Up to 0.01mm layer resolution


±0.2mm or ±0.002mm/mm

Dual Nozzles

Reach up to 410°C/400°C  easily

Print Gallery

More Powerful than You can Imagine

Four Filament 


Compatible with Universal Slicer

10.1″ Full-color Touchscreen 

Auto-leveling Platform

USB & Wi-Fi Connection

Built-in Camera for Remote Control

Intelligent Cleaning System for Nozzles

Humidity Maintains at 20% RH

iBridger is a group who passionate about 3D printing and its mission is to be a leading manufacturer of innovative FDM 3D printers, providing the best, affordable industrial-grade 3D printers to users worldwide.

About iBridger

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